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Pleased To Meet You!

Posted by messercbutter on July 10th, 2012

How many people do you “meet” through social media and the web? How often do you form a relationship with these people and pick up the phone or schedule a Skype call?

Host Christian in Portland did so with a friend of 5+ years he knew only through Twitter: Faryl in San Diego.

Here you’ll find their weekly discussion of: current events, politics, technology and snippets of their crazy family or friends.

And as always we’re…Pleased To meet You!

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Pleased to Meet You with TJ episodes can be found here

PTMY 167 Oh, This Is Why People Journal!

Posted by Christian Messer on September 5th, 2016

Faryl and Christian speak discuss: Therapy techniques, journaling, Faryl might journal(!!), Antiques Road Show spinoff “Genealogy Roadshow”, an episode of “Secrets of the Dead” involving Jamestown (see below), the awesome movie, “The Witch” and the writer/director’s insistence on on having the script dialogue in “Essex dialect of the time.”; they reminisce of the almost 10 years they’ve known each other, purchasing Apple products is like getting a pet, Kindles and ebooks from the library, and the child in the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.
“Archaeologists have been excavating in Jamestown for more than 20 years. In April 2012, a team of Historic Jamestowne archeologists discovered something surprising in their excavation. In the trash layer of a cellar, among the butchered animal bones and household trash discarded by the Jamestown colonists, they found the mutilated skull and severed leg of a 14-year-old English girl dating back to 1609. What can these bones tell us about what really happened at Jamestown?”



Secrets of the Dead, Jamestown





PTMY 166 WTF Digital Salad Episode

Posted by Christian Messer on August 9th, 2016

This episode is all screwed up – Christian’s too hot on the mic, and there’s a weird electrical click sound throughout – apologies on this one! Faryl and Christian discuss work, epiphanies, Game of Thrones and a smattering of many other topics









PTMY 165 Men Cry, Deal With It!

Posted by Christian Messer on August 9th, 2016

Christian and Faryl talk about: The new Troll movie, so called “Man-Tears”, their weeks, bastard GOP party and North Carolina’s idiocy, and much more

On the Ezra Klein Show – 43:55 mark Ezra spoke of his uncle dying from AIDS in 1994, and had it been two years later, (’96) it would have been different for him…not everyone or the epidemic







PTMY 164 Pens In Your Umbrella

Posted by Christian Messer on June 2nd, 2016

Christian and Faryl discuss: discoveries of “The Mom Years”, moods sucked during the week, Chazz eats a TON of coconut oil, caulking, making cheesecake, loving cheesecake and cheesecake mistakes are edible, ultimate cooking insults, Space X success with third rocket, Hyperloop One’s short test (100MPH in 2 seconds), why can’t commercial airlines go as fast as Hyperloop (700MPH)?, Faryl’s is watching Melrose Place, Bryan Murphy is launching “Feuds”, the first with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and why did we not learn about mental health in school?

Hyperloop One’s First Test Hits Speeds of Over 100 m.p.h. in 2 Seconds, Showcasing the Future of Transportation






PTMY 163 Too Much Grief To Handle

Posted by Christian Messer on May 21st, 2016

Christian and Faryl are back with dicussion about: TV shows who’s characters aren’t fully formed in the beginning of their run, Supernatural, interuptions, Hell Boy 3, what really makes an empath, Christian hit the ceiling of the amount of sad he can handle, how our connections have exploded in our generation because of the internet, Faryl’s attraction to Disney’s Robin Hood is not isolated to just her, routines, habits, their burn out on the Democratic Party’s infighting, and more!







PTMY 162 I’m A Hoot At Paintball!

Posted by Christian Messer on May 21st, 2016

Christian and Faryl have a hiccup start, but they discuss: Mercury oin retrograde, a salad pizza, a Mother’s Bistro gift card shows up in the mail, Christian gives away a Super Nintendo console, controller directions, TED Radio Hour on depression, anxiety, Prince passing, New Girl, Amanda Oleander and thanks to Kathy Bacon, John Barrowman’s husband flashes all of Facebook, Doctor Who, American Horror Story w/ Toppie Smellie of The Smellcast, and Christian has a verbal throw down with his sister

Periscope Star Amanda Oleander

TED Radio Hour: Headspace





PTMY 161 Scrunchie Handcuffs

Posted by Christian Messer on May 4th, 2016

Christian and Faryl are back, and discuss: dealing with old-timers issues, ‘you’ve got a personality disorder’ from family, soul quivering vet story, Space Shuttle photo misinformation and tilt-shift, revisiting “We Are All Made of Stars”, and much more!







PTMY 160 Keep Portland Weird with Kingsley

Posted by Christian Messer on April 27th, 2016

Christian is joined by Kingsley once more! They discuss: American Idol, Portland pizza, the moniker of “Keep Portland Weird”, Gary moving to Portland, Naked Bike Ride, Christian continues his New York Seltzer trend, What’s your birth word?, The extreme water slide, and more!

Customers cover taco truck with money to help owners
The British version of find your birth word

The extreme water slide





PTMY 159 Pancakes with a Faryl Side-Car!

Posted by Christian Messer on April 18th, 2016

Christian is with Faryl again, and they discuss: Sorry about the high-pitched noise explained, Hardcore Henry, Chaz’s Lamb Chop, German pancakes vs Dutch Babies, Guilt Lettuce, TEDxBaltimore Michelle Thaller talk “We Are Dead Stars”, debris in space, virtual reality, Oculas Rift, The unexpected math behind Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” – Natalya St. ClairTemple Grandin, Star Talk Radio’s “Autism and Animal Science with Dr. Temple Grandin” and cats!

StarTalk Radio







PTMY 158 It’s A MrMike1972 Affair!

Posted by Christian Messer on April 12th, 2016

Christian is joined by MrMike1972 (Michael Perry) – they discuss: the results of Christian’s Google search of MrMike1972, Spanking Bea Arthur episode on anxiety, “Anxiety In Squamish”, blake j. harris author of Console Wars, Christian tries a New York Seltzer for the first time in 20+ years, Mike is watching the 4400, the positive outcome of Disney buying Star Wars, Marvel and PIXAR, Maximum Fun‘s Bullseye’s Barney Frank interview, hobbies, baking bread, making bread with brewer’s yeast, and Canada not getting streaming giants Netflix and Hulu!
Cultcast episode with Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars